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Data Management Education from the Perspective of Science Educators

Publication Type:

Journal Article


International Journal of Digital Curation, Volume 11, Issue 1, p.232-251 (2016)


n order to better understand the current state of data management education in multiple fields of science, this study surveyed scientists, including information scientists, about their data management education practices, including at what levels they are teaching data management, which topics they covering, and what barriers they experience in teaching these topics. We found that a handful of scientists are teaching data management in undergraduate, graduate, and other types of courses, as well as outside of classroom settings. Commonly taught data management topics included quality control, protecting data, and management planning. However, few instructors felt they were covering data management topics thoroughly, and respondents cited barriers such as lack of time, lack of necessary expertise, and lack of information for teaching data management. We offer some potential explanations for the existing state of data management education and suggest areas for further research.