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Gross, P. (2002).  Entangled Evolution: Media in Post-Communist Eastern Europe. The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.
Gross, P. (2002).  Entangled Evolutions. Media and Democratization in Eastern Europe.. 226.
Luther, C. A. (2002).  International News Coverage in the Era of ‘Globalization’: A Look at U.S. & Japan’s Media Coverage of International Events/Issues.. International Studies Association- Midwest Annual Meeting.
Gross, P. (2002).  Media and political society in Eastern Europe. Media Development. 4110, 28-32.
White, C., McMillan S. J., & Hwang J-S. (2002).  The media and the mindset: media coverage of performance. 24th Annual College of Communication Research Symposium.
McMillan, S. J., & Hwang J-S. (2002).  Nailing Jell-O to the Wall and Herding Cats: A Content Analysis of Chinese and U.S. Newspaper Coverage of the Internet in China. Journal of Intercultural Communication Research. 31, 107-125.
Luther, C. A. (2002).  National Identities, Structure, and Press Images of Nations: The Case of Japan and the U.S.. Mass Communication & Society. 5, 57-85.
Gross, P. (2002).  Political Development and the Media: Trends in Eastern Europe's Evolution. American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies 34th National Convention.
Gross, P. (2001).  American Sources On Eastern European Media Evolutions,. Trans-Integration of the European Communication Landscape, Part 2 Conference.
Gross, P. (2001).  The Beginning of a Beginning: Journalism Education in Eastern Europe. The Global Network. 14, 1-4.
Ashdown, P. G. (2001).  Bohemian Fables: Col. John S. Mosby in the Press. Western Journalism Historians Conference, University of California.
Caudill, E. C., & Ashdown P. G. (2001).  Bohemian Fables: Col. Johns S. Mosby in the Press. Paul Ashdown. Western Journalism Historians Conference, University of California.
Luther, C. A., Chang T-K., Berg P., Fung A Y-H., Kedl K. D., & Szuba J. (2001).  Comparing Nations in Mass Communication Research, 1970-1997: A Critical Assessment of How We Know What We Know. Gazette: The Journal of International Communication. 63, 415-434.
Harmon, M. (2001).  Direct Voter Contact v. An Incumbent's Media Advantage: A Congressional Challenger's Case Study. 23rd University of Tennessee College of Communications Research Symposium.
Palenchar, M. J. (2001).  Media coverage of risk events: A framing comparison of two fatal manufacturing accidents. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
Gross, P. (2001).  Media successes and failures in building civil society in Eastern Europe,. Media and Democracy Conference.
Luther, C. A. (2001).  Press Images, National Identity, and Foreign Policy: A Case Study of U.S.-Japan Relations from 1955-1995.
Aumente, J., Gross P., Hiebert R., Johnson O., & Mills D. (1999).  Eastern European Journalism. Before, During and After Communism. 172.
Gross, P. (1999).  Forward to the Past: American Journalism in an Age of Relativism (in Romanian). Secolul XX – XXI. 7-8-9, 31-40.
Gross, P. (1999).  Giant With Feet of Clay. The Post-Communist Romanian Press (in Romanian). 190.
Harmon, M. (1999).  J-school prof learns about pitfalls of journalism on the campaign trail. St. Louis Journalism Review. 11, 14.
Luther, C. A. (1999).  Manifestations of Ethnocentrism in U.S.-Japan Press Coverage. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Conference.
Gross, P. (1999).  Ten Years and Counting: Eastern European Media and Political Culture. The First Decade Conference The Romanian Cultural Foundation.
Ashdown, P. G. (1999).  Thomas Willis White. American National Biography. 729-731.
McMillan, S. J. (1999).  Tracing the Evolution of Interactive Media and Funding Models through the Trade Press. Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication Annual Conference.
Ashdown, P. G. (1999).  T.S. Matthews. American National Biography. 245-246.
Kaye, B. K., & Medoff N. J. (1999).  The World Wide Web: A Mass Communication Perspective. 404.
Johnson, T. J., & Kaye B. K. (1998).  Cruising is Believing?: Comparing Internet and Traditional Sources on Media Credibility Measures. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly. 75, 325-340.
Caudill, E. C. (1998).  Edwin Lawrence Godkin. (Blanchard, M., Ed.).History of the Mass Media in the United States: An Encyclopedia.
Gross, P. (1998).  The First Nine Years – A Reappraisal of Romania’s Media. The Global Network. 5-10.
Gross, P. (1998).  Journalism and the Remaking of Political Culture in Eastern Europe. The Profession of Journalism in a Democratic Society. East-West Perspectives Conference.
Gross, P. (1998).  Limping to Nowhere. The Press During the First Constantinescu Year. An Update: Romania One Year After the Constantinescu Regime's Ascendancy to Power Conference.
Gross, P. (1998).  Mutual Disappointments: Romanian Media and Society. American-Romanian Academy Conference.
McMillan, S. J., Guppy M., Kunz W. M., & Reis R. (1998).  Public Journalism: What Difference Does It Make to Editorial Content?. (Lambeth, E., Meyer P., & Thorson E., Ed.).Assessing Public Journalism. 178-190.
Gross, P. (1998).  Symbiosis: Political Culture and Mass Media in the New Eastern Europe. Sfera Politicii. 17-22.