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Michael Martinez

  • Experts: Trump Not First President to Have Strained Relationship with Press

    MartinezRoessnerDonald Trump is not the first president to have a strained relationship with the media.

    Associate Professor Amber Roessner and Assistant Professor Michael Martinez, both from UT’s School of Journalism and Electronic Media, say many presidents—and their press secretaries—have at times been at odds with the press.

    “While many presidents may have had conflicts with the media, they also recognized that they needed access to each other,” Martinez said. “With the advent of Twitter and the current president, that is changing.”

  • UT Professor Michael Martinez Gathering Snapshot of Presidential Photographers

    Kennerly photoAs President's Day approaches, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Journalism Professor Michael Martinez is busy studying U.S. commanders-in-chief through the lens of the White House photographers.

    Since John F. Kennedy started the tradition of hiring a White House photographer, these cameramen have given the public a close, sometimes intimate, look at America's first family. Martinez is working on a book looking at the public's memory of U.S. presidents as portrayed through these photographs.

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