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The Relationship Between Parent Communication Orientations and the Self-Efficacy of Student Athletes

Erdner, Sara M.
Committee Members: 
Dr. Courtney Wright
May 2015


The influence of parent(s)/guardian(s) communication on a student-athlete’s self-efficacy has received limited attention despite its potential implications for the athlete’s sport performance. Student-athlete participants (N = 290) completed measures to report their level of self-efficacy along with the student-athlete perceptions of their parent(s)/guardian’(s) communication orientation. Further, efficacy-enhancing techniques were measured to report frequency-of-use and effectiveness as these strategies were administered by the parent(s)/guardian(s). Significant relationships were found between conformity- and conversation communication and a student-athlete’s self-efficacy. However, these communication orientations did not interact to influence a student-athlete’s self-efficacy. Mean scores are reported to demonstrate which efficacy-enhancing techniques are the most frequently used and effective. Lastly, communication orientations and efficacy-enhancing techniques are correlated. The study’s limitations, implications, and directions for future research are discussed.