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Law Enforcement, Communication Training & Verbal Judo

Keathley, Lorna
Committee Members: 
Dr. John Haas
August 2012

Abstract: This study incorporated a mixed method approach using qualitative and quantitative methods to capture a deeper portrayal of Verbal Judo. Verbal Judo emphasizes the use of both verbal and non-verbal communication tactics by the officer (influencer) with specific discourse structures to influence the individual to comply with the officer’s requests in compliance-gaining. This study determined that specific Verbal Judo compliance-gaining tactics must be used to try to prevent conflict such as physical force. Successive repetition by officers (with matching non-verbal tone) of strategic Verbal Judo language when dealing with a difficult person appears to be a major key in diminishing conflict and minimizing escalation of conflict within the compliance-gaining context. Minimizing conflict in compliance-gaining situations between officers and individuals benefits law enforcement agencies, law enforcement officers, city and state governments, and the general public.