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Examining the Role of Perceived Immediacy as a Mediator: Revisiting the Relationships Among Immediate Behaviors, Liking, and Disclosure

Kelly, Stephanie
Committee Members: 
Dr. Michael Kotowski
August 2012

Abstract: This dissertation purports to clarify the role of perceived immediacy in interpersonal communication. Immediate behaviors were first identified as behaviors associated with increases in receiver liking and self-disclosure. As such, the first study is a meta-analysis of immediate behaviors and self-disclosure and the second study meta-analyzes immediate behaviors and liking. The magnitudes of the effects yielded from both studies are consisted with indirect relationships. The third study is an experiment which uses a range of previously identified immediate behaviors from the literature as an induction and measures perceived immediacy, liking, and self-disclosure to test perceived immediacy as a mediating variable between immediate behaviors and these outputs. The results of the experiment are consistent with perceived immediacy mediating immediate behaviors and liking, but not immediate behaviors and disclosure.