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The Effectiveness of Dialogic Relationship on the Military-Public Relationship

Park, Sejin
Committee Members: 
Dr. Lisa Fall
Dr. Michael Kotowski
August 2011

Abstract: This study investigates the influence of dialogic relationship and organizational cultures on the military-public relationship. College students (N=218) participated in a 2 x 2 (dialogic relationship: high vs. low x organizational culture: military vs. civilian) independent groups factorial quasi-experiment. To induce dialogic relationship, two versions of the U.S. Army internet webpage screenshots were created. Organizational culture was controlled by purposive sampling two groups of military and civilian subjects. The results indicate that dialogic relationship and organizational culture combine exerts an effect on the military-public relationship by increasing perceptions of control mutuality, trust, commitment and communal relationship for civilians but not the military. In addition to its theoretical contributions, the results of this study have important practical implications for the military public affairs.